Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thank you to Please.. ...

29-01-2012 - Saw the passing away of one of our dearest uncle who was more of a grand father to the family.

A man of few words but infinite wisdom, left a positive impression  in every body's life, which i am sure will be remembered for very long and hopefully shared with the next generation!

I really felt the need to share just one incident that I was a witness to and from then on have never forgotten his words.

At 2 am, when his wife fell ill, being too old himself to take her, he called upon his children and grand children to ensure she was rushed to the hospital. Not being mobile himself, he sat on the sofa the whole night, completely silent and doing nothing but worrying about her.

One of his grand daughters, Vidisha, made some very important phone calls, to ensure the best doctors attend to her, and the whole family besides him were with my aunt the whole night.

The next morning, Vidisha came back home and sat next to her grand father, narrating to him the entire series of events at the hospital and how his wife, was doing better. My uncle at this juncture, very clearly with tears in his eyes, sat silent for a long time and then said the most remarkable thing.. To his very own grand daughter he goes... 'Vidisha, I want to thank you for all that you did for your grand mother and me last night' to which Vidhisha goes, 'Dada'ji, why are you saying thank you, its my duty to look after her' and with a sweet smile he goes, 'Thank you and Please are like vitamins, we constantly need to use these two words to just show people how much we appreciate what they would do, or what they did, its two simple words, but will make people feel so nice, so hence Thank you Vidisha'

That simple statement, from then on left such a positive impact, that I have tried to make it a part of my life in totality.

To my uncle we shall forever miss you.

To the all of you reading this. 'Thank you and Please come again'