Saturday, 2 June 2012

Then What?

I am very sure, every morning we wake up with probably a single or a multi-point task, to do or achieve something.. Aspirations, targets, goals, desires, duties are just some of the words that would describe what those agendas could be. .

Aspiring to be a model, making sure the sales target are achieved, having a goal to be the best in class, parental duties..

Like every human, I have so many unfulfilled desires, I would love for my waist line to be 4 inches smaller :) , would love for my head to have more hair :) , would love for this blog to be the most popular one of all time :) :)

But this is what came to my mind.. What if you were to wake up tomorrow morning and by some miracle, "that whatever" was achieved... Poof one night you go to sleep, and the next morning all that you wanted you have got.. Then what?

Having being given all that you have desired over night should surely make you an extremely satisfied person isn't it? But then, eventually would that not lead to a sense of dis-satisfaction that from here on there is nothing left to want.. Then what?  

We sometimes complain that as human beings we are just not content, but the way I see it is, isn't that dis-contentment itself what drives us to keep desiring more and more? Which takes us to the logical assumption that if one is not wanting anything anymore, they would have deemed to have got everything in life and hence they have nothing to look forward, then what?

I therefore feel, the need to want more is not as bad as it is made out to be. While a lot of us are not happy with what we have, its what we don't have is nature's way of ensuring we are out there with a sense of purpose, and isn't that what we all are trying to find, i.e. what is the purpose we were born for.

Having written this, I will ask my self as I sign off. WHAT THEN?

God Bless..

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