Saturday, 27 July 2013

Without Pain..

So i chose to be quiet yet again, with a lot that keeps happening in our lives, at times we tend to forget what really keeps our mind away from those stressful moments we all need to endeavor daily and i really forgot that for me writing was my get away from them. So i decided to do a small blog on what I observed.

I am lucky to constantly meet people from diverse industries, cultures, mind sets and thoughts. With my interest to know more about the human mind I tend to engage in chats that give me more insights into the way we all think and try and learn from each and everyone to either apply it to myself, or part that learning to others.

What have I observed over the last few months? That we are all afraid of pain... Less physical, more emotional.

Our own experiences over time keep on building this massive resistance to 'what may' happen if we were to start letting ourselves into the same situation that gave us so much agony the last time. This leads us to a decision that we just will not consider that opportunity again.

More often this is true to personal relationships. To most people, that old saying holds 'Once bitten, twice shy' but where does that take us as we have a life to live.

I for one refuse to believe that we can lead a life devoid of pain.

If you want to have a good body, you have to go through the pain of working out.
If you want to be successful in your career, you have to go through the pain of working hard.
If you want to be a world class player, you have to go through the pain of hours and hours of practice.

Give me one aspect or phase which allows you to experience goodness without pain.

The next time you are thinking I don't deserve this pain.. remember the start of our own life is with pain one gives to the mother at the time of birth, but the real fact is, without pain there can be no pleasure.   


God Bless

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