Saturday, 21 January 2012

Four Cars and I ..

True incident > So what did, overtaking a car, and then being over taken by another 2 cars teach me?

Some time early in 2003 I bought my first car in Dubai, a dream car since a kid, and one that gave me so much satisfaction. (It was even more special, because until a year back, I really wasn't even in a position to afford a bus ticket thanks to some serious financial blunders I had made. More on that in later blogs)

As with any normal human being, I really did feel a huge sense of acheivment and happiness.

So here I was on my way for golf, and I over took a older looking car, I went past him and I felt he looked at my car, a few minutes away, while that old car and I were on our course, a swanky looking Porsche over takes both of us, and comes in front of me, and all of a sudden my car seemed so pale compared to his. As he was in front of a me, a metallic blue Bentley, with a fancy number plate, over took all three of us, and all of our cars looked even more sedate.

That's where it stuck me, the guy in the first car, probably looked at mine and wondered, the same thoughts as I did when I saw the Porsche as he did seeing the Bentley, that 'what have I done in my life as yet?' a rush of dis-satisfaction that even though we were all driving what we had probably earned with our hard work, there was this element of not having achieved anything at all.

Such is, i guess our everyday life, where upon I am yet to feel content with what I have. Being content and being ambitious cannot be mixed, I want to do better in my life, because I want to, not because I have to. But at every period, being content with what little or with how much more I have, should be my key goal.

That four car episode taught me one more thing, no matter how much you have achieved there will always be someone who has achieved more than you, does that mean one's life is meaningless?

I honestly dont think so..

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