Thursday, 12 January 2012

Its all about MONEY, honey - or is it? ? ?

"Money doesn't buy you happiness say the rich to fool the poor... "

Maybe because I am a financial adviser, this may sound paradoxical... But seriously money is not the most important thing you should be chasing... you should be chasing... SUCCESS.... chase success.. money is, more often than not, a natural result.. chase money, and you shall be chasing all your life with no success...

My line of business gives me the good fortune of dealing with some of the weatlhiest people around, and a common element in all of them was their hunger to succeed.. some wanted to do it at any cost... and some would do it on their own terms.. Either way, success was and remains their only satisfaction... 

More often then not people see some one wealthy and comment upon that person becoming rich over night.. to which I quote Steve Jobs 'Over night success stories, take a longggggg time to happen'

Finally, remember no matter how rich you are, there is someone out there richer... what matters is not how rich but what really matters is how happy you are!!!

Are you?

~ AB

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