Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Moment is..

So, how often have you made this statement. . 'Those were the days!' with a heavy heart?

Surely more often than not. .

The most amazing part of that statement is that at that moment we didn't realise that we were living that event which we will someday look in the future and miss. At that moment it felt no big deal.

This is another aspect of us humans who tend to either live in the past with memories, good or bad, or worry about the future which no one has control over.

When I look back now, I remember having spent such wonderful moments with my family, celebrating birthdays, dinners and picnics. With my friends playing tennis, pool parties and bars. With my colleagues going for Off-sites, training sessions and office celebrations. But, I also remember at those times how I was not thinking that I will look back at them and miss them.

It then struck me, how often have we looked back, thinking those were the best days of our life, not realising that the present will someday also be that past.

We also have a tendency to think of doing something 'tomorrow' or 'next week', and before we realise it, the time and essence of the moment is gone. Simple things like picking up the phone to talk, sending a message to someone thanking them, an email, a personal visit, or, the almost instinct, writing a letter.

I have often heard and personally gone through not paying a visit to an ailing relative only to hear of them passing away, so regretting that it would have taken just a little effort to have done what needed to be done, but instead will now mentally leave a life long regret for not having done that. 

Ironically the only predictable thing about life that it is totally unpredictable.  This not only stands for one's life, but could be for anything, relationships, money, health, job, you just do not know what is taken away when. Here one moment, gone the next.

'We cannot predict the future 
So we keep repeating the past,
But this moment..How long will it last.
Worry not about the future for what it may bring,
Think not much of the past except for its learning,
Live more in the present, not asking how,
For what is most important... the MOMENT is NOW.."

God Bless.

p.s  I quote a few friends who i requested for giving me their views.

"By default, every person lives in the present, is haunted by the past and dreams of the future. The mind is on the present, the heart in the past and the ambition in the future" - Chandini Tandon.

"Live a little in the past, a bit in the future coz that's what makes our present, we learn from the past and aim for the future" - Sanjay Khetrapal .

"The Past is a cancelled cheque, the present a GIFT and future a promissory note. Live in the present with an attitude of gratitude, a purpose and a clear vision for your future" - Gautam Ganglani, Founder

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