Monday, 16 January 2012

A new beginning!

From: AB
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2011 11:40 AM
To: K

Subject: Best Of Luck
Dear K,

Today is the first day of the rest of yor life.

However, today is different as you formally step in from our little baby, to a young lady out to make a mark for yourself.

For your parents and us this is a very proud moment, specially since your father has given you the best education you asked for. Your mother too dedicated a lot of her time to you when you must have had to go through the difficult times during your exams and tests etc. But for them this is all what it boils down to, that you eventually settle and step out to the real world and make a mark for yourself.

I thought I would share just a few pointers that you would like to probably keep in the back of your mind, these are not something I have read, but these are something I have personally experienced in my life, and who better a witness to what my life has gone through than all of you, my family.

2) WORK BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY - Never tell yourself, this is not my job. If your task is A, B, C and you are asked to do D, E and F... ask your supervisor if there is anyway you can help him do G H and I also. However do not let anyone exploit you if you do that. But make sure you never shy away from hard work.

3) GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER - You will always feel that other departments are having a better deal than the one you are in, that is not true, even they will be thinking of the same for your department.

4) STAY AWAY FROM OFFICE POLITICS - Gossiping about colleagues and your seniors is the LAST thing you should get into. Never ever assume that what you share with a colleague about another one, will not be told to that person. It will be and it will be shared with more then what you may have said. In college and school this was ok, but in a corporate world, you are being judged. If you are known as a gossip person you will get no where in life. If people come and talk to you about other people, DO NOT GIVE YOUR OPINION on what you think but be a good listener and keep your mouth shut. Remember one philosophy in life - IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT ANYONE, SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!

5) STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE - You will always encounter negative people, who will discourage you from working hard. These are people who have in the past, are in the present and be in the future in the same position always!!! Hang around with people whose focus in life is the same as yours, which is to do well for yourself.

6) There are NO SHORT CUTS to success - A diamond is formed after the carbonsiation of coal over years and years and years. Thats also how sucess is ... Very few people in this world enjoy success early on, the ones who dont, try to find short cuts... It doesnt happen that way...

7) TEAM EFFORT - As you grow and work in a team, remember success is always a team effort. Never take credit for a task alone, even if you know in your heart it was because of you. Your team will love you for this, and all companies want team players not individual heros. REMEMBER India won the world cup as a team, not Sachin, not Yuvi, not Dhoni.. But team INDIA!!!

8) FRIENDS - A lot of your 'friends' will dissuade you from working hard, these r people who have no goals and aspirations in life and cant see someone who has. Stay away from people who dis-courage you from doing your work, no matter how tough a day it is, life is just preparing you for a bigger battle forward.

9) ENJOY - The more you fall in love with your job, the less effort it will require from you. I love what I am doing, and I thank god everyday for giving me this opportunity. Do not take it as WORK but take it as something you WANT to do...

and finally

1) DO NOT WORK FOR MONEY - But work for success, money is a by product of success. If you are successful, you will make a lot of money, but you also earn a lot of respect, admiration and well wishers. Whereas making a lot of money does not guarantee you the above three....

Best of luck baby.... Do your parents proud ....

Lots of loves and blessings...


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