Wednesday, 18 January 2012

parents, the kids!

To those who know me, know I don't have children, to those who don't, I actually have two. :)

One is my 81 year old dashing father who refuses to let me give him a hand for anything, and the other my chubby 74 year old mother, whose only agenda in life is to ensure her kids continue looking healthy (read that as fat).

Why are they my kids? Because through them I see the how a child would have been, it is true when they say that life goes a full circle, in this case it is from infancy to old age. The similarity between the two is another of nature’s beauty.

As little children just wish to be with their parents, older parents just wish to be with their kids. (Nothing gives my mother more satisfaction than a night out of mine getting cancelled)

The look an older parent has when you come back from a hard days work is a replica of a little kids seeing their parent return home.

Kids throws tantrums because their parents force some food into them, so true with olderly parents who just want to eat very little and yet we, concerned about their health, want to stuff them with more food!

The amount of sleep they both enjoy is just the same, as similar as the look of utmost peace when they are at it.

Kids nag their parents into asking the same thing a dozen times, and unfortunately with old age and memory loss, older parents do the same.

At a kid’s 5th birthday party, I thought to myself, however one difference between them is that when a kid has their birthday there is so much to look forward to, and when your parents have one there is so much to look back upon!

Treat your older parents as you would treat your little one, with utmost patience, give them lots of your time, give them all that they desire, but above all don’t forget to tell them how much they and their presence mean to you.

God Bless!

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